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News bulletin: Gender Mosaic 
Volume: Apr./May 1993-Mar./Apr. 1994. 
Year: 1993 
Notes from the Underground 
Volume: no.1(1988)-no.5(1989); v.2:no.1-v.6:no.2(1994); v.8:no.1-v.8:no.3(1995); Nov.-Dec.(1995); no.1(1997)-no.4(1998); v.1-v.4(1999); v.1-v.4(2000); v.1,3-4(2001); v.1-v.3(2002); v.2-v.3(2003); v.1-v.2(2004) 
Year: 1988 
The 1991 crossdresser's resource survival guide: with listings from Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton 
Year: 1991 
Series: Crossdresser's Resource Survival Guide